Light Labyrinth



Uillinn Christmas light Labyrinth 2016 (8) (Copy)Uillinn Christmas light Labyrinth 2016 (3) (Copy)Uillinn Christmas light Labyrinth 2016 (5) (Copy)


A Primary School Christmas installationuillinn_logo_colour_rgb

at Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre


Schools were invited to be a part of a beautiful spectacle of lines and light at Christmas 2016 in West Cork Arts Centre and learn a craft skill for use in the classroom at the same time.

Uillinn Schools Coordinator Alison Cronin was leading this project to create a Christmas installation, following on from snowflake windows, and the opening seasons Flying Colours staircase installation in 2015.

We were looking for ten teachers, and their groups, to create 2d and 3d artworks made from solid string structures that were to be installed in the windows, and across the high spaces of Gallery 2 at Uillinn,as part of a string installation that was lit by spotlights to create shadow and light effects visible from outside the building throughout the Christmas period. The Light Labyrinth was a creative extension of the tradition of Christmas lights, linked to midwinter, and to the greek myth in which Ariadne’s thread helped Theseus find his way out of the minotaur’s maze. This labyrinth of lines, thread and light will help light the way through the darkest point of the year.

To participate teachers needed to attend a teachers workshop at the West Cork Education Centre which was held on 9 November 2016, where a full brief on the project was provided along with a demonstration and hands on workshop in the method of string construction on which the project will be based. Lots of ideas for creative ways to use these techniques were provided at the workshop to inspire the classes contribution to the installation, these ideas could also be used for decorating the school, or making objects to take home.

The project was supported by a visit to the classroom from Alison to assist in delivery. Teachers planned for a max of 3 classroom sessions, of approx 1 ½ hours each, including Alison’s visit. There was no fee to participate, however the places were limited and booking was essential.

The project was suitable for children from 2nd – 6th class.