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Creative Clusters is a pilot initiative of the Department of Education and Skills, led by and in partnership with the 21 full-time Teacher Education Centres. A Creative Cluster will typically consist of between three and five schools collaborating on the design, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of an innovative arts and creative learning project which supports them to address a common issue or challenge. Please note that applications have to be submitted to the local full-time Teacher Education Centre by the deadline of 11 May 2018. Detailed information on Creative Clusters and how to apply can be found at:

 If my school has applied to the Arts Council to be a Creative School can we also apply to the Creative Clusters initiative?  

You are eligible to apply to both initiatives, however, in the event that your application to Creative Schools is successful you will not be eligible to also participate in the Creative Cluster Initiative. This is in order to ensure that as broad a range of schools as possible receive support to develop their capacity in the area of the arts and creativity.

I am suggesting that we remove the question of difference and replace it with a question about the connection between the two pilots which indicates a joined up approach.   

Is there a connection between Creative Schools and Creative Clusters?

Yes. Creative Schools and Creative Clusters are both important initiatives of Creative Youth – A Plan to Enable the Creative Potential of Every Child and Young Person, which was published in December 2017 as part of the Creative Ireland Programme. We anticipate that there may be opportunities for schools in both  pilot initiatives to come together to share learning and best practice and that across Ireland a community of schools can connect, grow and support other schools on their journey”.

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